Cutting Pizza – the right tool for the job.

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I was given the Park Tools Pizza Cutter as a gift from my parents…

I generally get something bike related but they daren’t venture in to serious kit so invariably there is a novelty factor.

This arrived for my birthday and I thought it was pretty cool… Park Tools don’t make anything that isn’t well considered so despite the whimsical appearance I hoped for good things.


I like that in common with all their tools Park have given this a part name: PZT-2 (this being the second iteration of the tool) it tells you that they’re serious about this thing… or it tells you that their marketing people know exactly what type of person is likely to buy this… I prefer the former (being exactly that type of person).

Anyway, Pizza was duly purchased and the cutter put to work.

It’s brilliant! Now I know that you have to have a pretty low horizon to take delight in the performance of a pizza cutter but it is epic! A joy to use!

And use it I did… my house was treated to julienne of pizza as I sliced like a slicing fool… it slices around corners and it slices in reverse… you can slice an ever-decreasing spiral pull up the middle and make 3d pizza… after only a few hours of meaningful practice your pizza presentation is only limited by your imagination…

This thing slices pizza like no thing has ever sliced pizza… the Park Tools Pizza Tool make you a pizza slicing god!

You must not eat another pizza until you own one… really… buy one… now…



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