Garmin Edge 510 & 810

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Garmin have added 10 to their two most popular cycling GPS computers, the Edge 500 and the Edge 800 now become the Edge 510 and Edge 810.

Now I love my 500 and I love the data it gives me from the riders that I coach so I get quite excited when I hear of new models.

So what do I get and will it tempt me to upgrade?

Garmin Edge 510 & 810

Well for the new Edge 510 it’s a touch display, colour and 2.2 inches of screen. It also includes wireless upload to Garmin Connect and 20 hours of battery life.

The Edge 810 gets the same just more of it… at least in the screen department. Unfortunately the 2.6 inch screen will cost you 3 hours of battery life but it does comes with excellent mapping.

Admen say “sell the sizzle not the sausage” and the new Edges are sizzling with mobile connectivity. The video below ably demonstrates all the reasons that you can’t live without it as Dan Martin, Andrew Talansky and David Millar plot peloton domination. But if you don’t have a Vaughters to track you then who? I predict huge potential for domestic strife…

They come with RRPs of £249.99 for the 510 and £379.99 for the 810.

So will I be rushing out to exchange my 500? Probably not… functionality remains largely the same and whilst the wireless upload is attractive I still have to plug it to charge it. I suppose that the extra battery life is going to make that less frequent and they do look very elegant.

The mobile app could be useful but again it appears to data faster rather than new data.

That said whilst I don’t think it’s enough to make me immediately upgrade I do look forward to the inevitable demise of my 500…

I suspect it will be faster than it might have been…

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