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Marzocchi 44 Micro Ti 29er Tapered Suspension Fork

44 Micro Ti 29er Tapered Suspension Fork

Marzocchi 44 Micro Ti 29er Tapered Fork : The 44 Micro Ti 29'r features all-alloy internals with titanium rebound and lock out, open bath Air with titanium negative spring, tapered and Nickel plated 32mm stanchions and QR15 lowers.

Can be adjusted from 140mm to 120mm or 100mm using the spacer provided.

SERVICING: Workshop servicing is at your discretion, Marzocchi forks typically need servicing every 1-2 years at a cost of around £50.

High precision Japanese seals, combined with open bath oil lubrication, keep grime out of your fork for continued smooth running with zero day-day maintenance-lubing of your seals.

WARRANTY: 3 Years with No Servicing Restrictions - service your fork as and when you feel necessary.

Usage: XC-Race-Trail Travel: 120mm (100mm, 140mm) Stanchion: 32mm Spring: AIR Axle: QR15 Preload: Y Rebound: Y Compression: Y Lockout: Y Travel Adjustment: Y (Workshop) Weight: (Kgs) 2.0 Weight: (lbs) 4.44 Colour: White Technical Detail: Travel Adjustment: 120mm standard (additional spacer for travel change to 100mm or 140mm in the box) Spring: Air - (+) single, reliable low pressure main air chamber (-) Ti coil negative spring to reduce stiction Stanchion: Nickel Plated Aluminium - internally butted to save weight Controls - Left Side: TST MICRO = Lock Out + Micro Adjust Compression, Rebound Controls - Right Side: Air Valve - Marzocchis' simple & easy to use Air pressure system Disc Mount - Rotor Size: PM max disc 203mm V-Brake Compatible: NO Steerer: Alloy 1"1/8 - 1"1/2.

Marzocchi 44 Micro Ti 29er Tapered Fork

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